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On Sunday 29th January 2023 Malissa from the growth and development team attended the Basingstoke East Squirrel taster session day, here's what Malissa had to say

"Yesterday I supported the Basingstoke East Team to deliver a Squirrel Taster session… actually not one but 3. Each session had over 30 families attending!!

When I had initially got involved we were hoping to open Dreys in Bramley and Chineham but as there was so much interest in Squirrels the District Team had convinced 1st Basingstoke, 8th Basingstoke and Popley to join the Squirrel party.

The team were brilliant with the young people and started the session with the Squirrel story and then led a game whilst the management team and myself spoke with parents. The families were then invited to rotate through 5 different activities all based on scouting activities. During this time Jack (DC), Harrison and myself spoke with families about how they would like to get involved. I would say that virtually every family (I spoke to) was happy to get involved in some way to support the group, either helping at sessions, Exec Committee or ad hoc help with fundraising, hikes etc. Jack now has the unenviable task of trying to fit them all in to the dreys that are setting up.

It was a masterclass in engagement and I was really proud to be part of it."

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